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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What's for Dinner...Did You Say RattleSnake?

SNAKE WARNING: Venomous Snakes Highly Active in Nevada.

This lovely little gem of a creature was one of four RattleSnakes that just so happened to be in the very same 'DOVE' hunting spot that we had been frequenting this season. Unlucky for the snake, he or she has now become a personal pet as well as a scheduled meal to one of our Crazy Insane Friends who finds enjoyment in playing, handling and then eating the venomous creatures.

Here's a quick peak at the other Larger RattleSnake we found a year or so back near Pyramid Lake as well as some favorite recipe's if you too ever want to cook your new found pet rattler.

TOP 12 RattleSnake Recipe's

If you have any other recipe's or recommendations for cooking RattleSnake, please feel free to send them to